Travel & Tourism

We will review you Tourism & Hospitality merchandising and communications to be relevant, and attractive, to the new Chinese inbound visitor market. Creating innovative promotional concepts for product differentiation and appeal.

Trade & Investment

It is difficult for any business in a market as small as Australia to break through in the China/ ASEAN market. Strategic relationships (guanxi/ 关系) are critical to sustainable business success. The inter-related elements of inbound tourism and Trade & Investment are unique to the China market. Sinosphere can help you to develop a strategic approach to nurturing this.

China Readiness
Training & Consulting

Working with our local Chinese migrant business partners, and our ‘on-the-ground’ support network in China/ ASEAN, Sinosphere can help your business get China ready and connect with relevance and appeal.

Cross-cultural business advisory services.Genuine interest. Endless opportunities.


Australian businesses are well-positioned to benefit from the growing interest in Australia from Asia, beyond our “rocks & crops”. The shift to a services-focused export economy however requires new learnings for Australian businesses (and Governments).

Leveraging Sinosphere’s industry expertise and regional cultural awareness, Sinosphere helps businesses in the now inter-related Tourism, Trade & Investment areas to make informed decisions on market entry, and market readiness, for this growing inbound visitor economy.

Founded in 2008, and resourced by an internationally-experienced advisory team, Sinosphere aims to strengthen the Australia-China relationship through integrated business practices embedded with cultural awareness.

Our team of business and marketing professionals are here to help define and execute your Tourism, Trade or Investment activity. 


The “Sinosphere” refers to the region of influence of East-Asian culture stretching from Japan in the North East, to Indonesia in the South East. This growing Chinese diaspora now includes some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Euro-centric Australian businesses need to adjust their messaging and offerings to be relevant to this new 21st Century consumer market.

We help businesses, small & large, engage successfully with opportunities in Asia. With a range of programs – from business audits, business matching, investor-readiness, 1-on-1 consulting, Board-level workshop facilitation, and marketing services – our approach is tailored to your business needs to achieve tangible commercial outcomes.

Business success in Asia begins with recognising that cultural differences go deeper than literal translations of Anglo business tools. A strategic approach to auditing your businesses offering begins with a critical review of your products relevance, the competitive environment, and the interpretation of your brands tangible and intangible elements in Chinese-language communications channels.
Applied learnings and strategic commitment will help you achieve success in the Asia market.

Our Clients