Through workshops, and 1-on-1 briefings with Boards and Executive teams, Sinosphere improves understanding of the China market and the new Chinese customer, providing a platform for strategic consideration of engagement options.

Trade & Investment Services

Sinosphere China Export

Outbound trade from Australia to China is benefiting from the establishment of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (2015), however Australia is still a minnow in the Chinese consumers mind-space, with minimal Country, or Category visibility in the domestic market.

Sinosphere works with Australian businesses (products & services) looking to access the China market.  Through a structured review of Relevance and Readiness, Sinosphere works with Australian clients to develop and execute market entry programs – direct, via distributors, or online.

Though its Chinese retail, distribution and manufacturing relationships, Sinosphere provides access to to key markets and channels.

Inbound tourism is a strategic focus for Sinosphere, with visitors providing brands and businesses access to new customers, and new opinion leaders, to share experiences in the China market.

Sinosphere creates content for Chinese-language media, connected to e-commerce shopping tools.

The New Visitor Economy

To engage with the new Chinese visitor, Australian businesses need to present their story in a different way, through different channels, connected seamlessly with e-commerce infrastructure.

Sinosphere works with local tourism & hospitality operators to provide authentic Australian experiences that meet the expectations of the new Chinese traveler.

Sinosphere provides creative direction on brand/ product messaging for Chinese digital media, and leads strategic merchandising decision making to present products and service offerings that convert visitors to customers, and referrers.

Sinosphere is working with the Australia China Business Council, Local Government, and Tourism Industry Council, to help local operators become China-ready through the “Welcome ” initiative, (, providing a audit and recommendation of key actions that can help operators be more welcoming for inbound visitors.


Sinosphere has partnerships in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong (Guangzhou/ Shenzhen), Shandong (Qingdao/ Rongcheng), Liaoning  (Dalian) and Jilin (Changchun).

Through our Chinese partners Sinosphere works with Chinese-clients to support ventures in Australia in Education, Migration, Investment and Trade.

Our networks also support our outbound initiaitives, providing on-the-ground support, background checks, translation services and marketing representation.