The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the world’s most populous country, with a population of over 1.35 billion, governed by a Central Government based in Beijing.

Provincial and Municipal Government’s deliver on achieving outcomes against the Central Government Plan.

We are currently operating within the 13th 5-year plan.








It is transparent where business investment, and Administrative focus are to be placed. Opportunities abound for Australian companies to participate, if done with some awareness for cultural sensitivities and process. China is not Australia. Respect and recognition is required.

Brief History

For Millennia China’s political system was based on hereditary monarchies, or dynasties.

After some Opium Wars, and unwanted occupation by the British, Portuguese, Russians Germans and Japanese, The Republic of China (KMT) overthrew the last (Qing) dynasty in 1911. The people frustrated with the ruling class giving away China’s Nationalistic pride to foreign countries.

Some World Wars, and a Civil War led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (1 October 1949).  The end of 100 years of humiliation, and the beginning of the rebuilding of China’s pride and status, stifled somewhat by some policy errors, Cultural Revolutions, floods and famine.

Since the introduction of economic reforms in 1978 China has become the world’s fastest-growing major economy and some 600M people brought out of poverty. The changes in the last 20 years, phenomenal, with another 300M to ‘urbanise’ by 2050.

China is currently the world’s largest exporter, and second-largest importer, of goods.

The key driver of China’s economy in the decade’s ahead will be domestic consumption, led by an increasingly urbanised, and more affluent society.

120M tourists departed China to see the World last year, from a base of only 5% of its population having a passport. 700M domestic tourists movements during “Golden Week” in October 2016.

A focus on international infrastructure (and Finance), innovation, green energy, wealth equality and #MadeInChina2025 pride.
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China does not want to “Westernise”, it is modernising, “with Chinese characteristics”.13-5-industry-focus

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