Anthony Coles

Managing Director

Anthony Coles is an entrepreneur and business builder with experience with start-ups, and as CEO of an ASX-listed company.

With a sales & marketing background, (Past-President of Australian Marketing Institute), Anthony has experience across a wide range of industries, as well as international business experience in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and China since 2008.

Seeing first-hand the growing interest in Australia from China,  Anthony founded Sinosphere to work with clients to connect with opportunities in tourism, trade and investment.

Anthony spends 120+ days a year in China, and has been involved with establishing WFOE companies in China, establishing distribution partnerships and joint-venture companies, cross-border eCommerce and direct importing.

Anthony is currently on the Board of the South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC), Chair of the Tourism working group with the Australia China Business Council (ACBC), as well as founding Chair of the AustCham chapter in Shandong (Bohai Rim).

ACBC Sinosphere

AustCham - Sinosphere

Tristan Wang

Export Services (Australia)

Qingdao-native Tristan Wang has a Bachelor of Business (Economics/ Finance), and a Master of Logistics & Supply Chain Management from RMIT, and has lived in Australia (Melbourne/ Adelaide) for 8 years.

Tristan is the coordinator of export services for Sinosphere, working through our sister company, Australis Food & Wine Merchants Pty Ltd based in Melbourne for the sourcing, consolidation and shipping of products from Australia to China. Australis recently achieved the first import license approval for Australian Cattle for our client Taixiang Food Co. in Shandong Province, opening the way for consistent two-way trade between Shandong and Australia.

Tristan also supports Sinosphere’s cross-border e-commerce initiatives in Australia through our association with SmartTrans, (

Sarah (Lilei) Zhang

Business Services (Australia)

Previously in the Qingdao office, Sarah has been providing market-entry services to Australian businesses over the past 18 months, and is now based in Adelaide. Lilei provides market research, translation and administrative support to clients of Sinosphere in Australia and China.

Moon Zhou (intern)

Marketing Services

Yumo (Moon) Zhou is currently studying International Business at the University of Adelaide and has been successful in securing a 3 month internship with Sinosphere, working on the Welcome/ Huanying Retail/ Tourism project.

Alan Cheng

Business Director (China)

Alan has a sales & marketing background, running a number of marketing-services business in Shandong, Guangdong and Liaoning Provinces in China. Alan provides market entry support services for Sinosphere clients in China.

Alan is a part-owner of our sister export company, Australis Food & Wine Merchants, and leads sales & marketing initiatives for that business in China.

Che Yi (Angel)

Business Services (China)

Che has a Finance and Accounting background, previously running a branch of Bank of China in Dalian.  Active now in outbound tourism product promotion, Education and Migration, Angel draws on her extensive Private Wealth management network to bring Investment and Education interest to Sinosphere relationships in Australia.