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Sinosphere was established in 2007 to identify opportunities for trade & investment between Australia and the Asian market (The Sinosphere).

With a background in Marketing & Innovation (Digital), Sinosphere Founder Anthony Coles has experience as a Start-up Founder, Investor/ Fund Raiser, Executive Coach, GM & ultimately, CEO of an ASX-Listed Company.

Anthony led the commercial application of new digital marketing technologies in the Internet 1.0 & 2.0 eras, founding one of Australia's first Digital Marketing Agencies, and growing that company to be ranked in Top 10 Digital Agencies in Australia. 

Anthony also led education programs on Digital Transformation for Industry Associations, University MBA programs & Local/ State Government.

Following that, Anthony worked in the Renewable Energy sector, another disruptive industry, with business taking him to Sth Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia & Singapore. 

As CEO of an ASX-listed renewables company, Anthony led fund-raising and Intrapreneurial innovations in FinTech, e-Commerce & e-Learning.

Following a successful trade merger/ exit, Anthony focussed on China/ Asia Trade & Investment, spending on average, 90 days a year in-market from 2014 - 2019.

Experience  gained over this period gained included opening overseas offices, hosting/ briefing inbound Investment groups, and operating an export business. 

Anthony has developed deep relationships in the Investment, Incubator and University-led commercialisation environment in China & ASEAN markets. 

With links though International networks in the US, Europe. and ASEAN, Anthony developed a focus on Health & Wellbeing products & services.

Ongoing studies have included UN Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Business, Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Yoga have strengthened Anthony's involvement in supporting innovation and change in the workplace, and social impact business.

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Our services help business owners identify latent strengths in existing business, prioritise new markets, and develop market-entry strategies. 

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